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This will forever be known as one of the best finishes to a game
Vine by Bleacher Report - 😏😏😏
She gave me her CD at gas station. She 74 rapping for Jesus.
.@DeMar_DeRozan bout to mess up our USA & China alliance !! 😭😭
I am witnessing the second coming of Jesus Christ at Dave and busters right now
this scene literally invented comedy i die every time
American Horror Story season 6 looks 🔥
not to be overdramatic but this is the greatest 2 minutes and 20 seconds of my entire life
Stone Cold Steve Austin was an animal 😂
Greatest video in TL history
Vine by Bleacher Report - DeMar. Bro.
This whole time I thought It was a cross on 21 savage head
Devin Hester G.O.A.T
This girls face on @CNN is EVERYTHING. 🙄😂 #mythoughtsexactly
Drake just brought out Kanye West in Chicago
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Tonight we in Virgina Beach.
My family and I have made the decision for me to spend my 4 years of college with the Hokie Family! 
Anyone want my ticket. Wiz cant even spell Virginia.
today we took a little walk in the woods
i look like draco malfoy if he was the regional manager of a sports authority
I could no longer withhold this from you all! My secret is out... I am Donatello
@BeachSupe presents to the 2016 High School Leadership Workshop @vblw #vblw16
2019 DB Tayvion Land has committed to #VirginiaTech Very big for the #Hokies
Take this commission program, please.
Awesome PGI Team! #vbcpsgold
New AP @Mr_Cosimano sharing personal reflections. Go Stallions! #vbcpsgold
We are on the road to gold @TrantwoodES #vbcpsgold
ALERT: Rabid raccoon found on ocean side of Atlantic at 39th. If you/a pet were exposed, call 518-2700 8am-5pm M-F
More on 2019 Bishop Sullivan CB Tank Land committing to the Va. Tech #Hokies here:
*zooms in on pussy* 😩😍
They tried the wrong one... Shes a str8 SAVAGE
tell me why this nigga dead salty he was the first to pop up so he went through all this trouble 😂
Bishop Sullivan Football 
"We are what we repeatedly do, excellence is not an act but a habit."
Thanks to the super fit Instagrammers, Ive now lost 79 pounds! haters will say its photoshopped Buy now
enough twitter for me today 😭 bye
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Day 2 of Leadership Conference....#vbcpsgold
Too soon?! #VBCPSGold
We are on the road to gold @TrantwoodES #vbcpsgold
CFES has our equity lens on!! @MBH_Lead2Learn @MinehanClass @snichols63 @emnicolosi #vbcpsgold

Dr. Gatling opening our session on SDI #vbcpsgold

Virginia Beach, VA

RT @MBH_Lead2Learn: Engaging in an Innovators activity to delve into the "HOW" when moving forward #knowthyself #vbcpsgold

Virginia Beach, VA

RT @ladavids_a: What does your data tell you about equity in your school? What kind of revolution will it take for every child every day? #vbcpsgold

Virginia Beach

RT @LouAnneMetzger: We are on the road to gold @TrantwoodES #vbcpsgold

Virginia Beach, VA

RT @TeriBreaux: CFES has our equity lens on!! @MBH_Lead2Learn @MinehanClass @snichols63 @emnicolosi #vbcpsgold

Virginia Beach, VA

RT @TeachTrainLove: Empathy, effective relationships, courage, risk-taking, pride, love, unity... @WYRevolution #vbcpsgold #imatter #youmatter #wematter

Virginia Beach, VA

RT @WYRevolution: Thank you @vbschools for all the support today at #vbcpsgold Day 1 of admin conference. #WhatsYourRevolution

Virginia Beach, VA

RT @WYRevolution: #VBCPSGold Core Characteristics of Equitable Leaders 3. They seek solutions from multiple voices and sources.

Virginia Beach, VA

RT @WYRevolution: That's right, looking forward to my keynote with the admin at #VBCPSgold . About to spread some awesome!

Virginia Beach, VA

RT @WYRevolution: #vbcpsgold Core Characteristics of Equitable Leaders 4. They Have an understanding that they have the power to shape a child's worldview

Virginia Beach, VA