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y'all get baby fever from pictures of infants, but this is what REALLY makes me want to be a dad.
If this isn't my husbands reaction one day, i've done it wrong
best reality tv moment ever
This judge spilling tea. Nobody's worth stressing over when you're young. NOTED 📝
Real or fake
ICYMI: Single-game tickets are on sale. Get yours today: #SicEm
Houston, Texas 👀
The 2016 NFL Draft class of Cornerbacks is unreal... 🔥
Vine by The Funny Vine - When you dance with your friends in public.
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NO ONE was beating Wil London today! Blows by Botswana in final 100m FTW! World U20 lead 3:02.39 #Bydgoszcz2016
My man really ate without me
Push to be consistent in your sleep habits!
The ☝🏾️ and ONLY NZ 🔵 is back with TWO events for yall this August‼️ #BUPajamaJam2k16 📢 X #BUFamilyReunion ☀️
Wil London incredible kick! Team USA (Alison, Cogdell, Montgomery, London) wins the #Bydgoszcz2016 4x400m in 3:02.39
Get to know Coach Grobe!
Lookin good @Baylor. 🚁 🐻#sicemforever
This Texas heat aint no joke
Water earth fire air, long ago the four elements lived in harmony...
Ready to be back in the best stadium filled with the best fans in America ✊🏾
Sunday Q&A: Baylor interim president David Garland and board chairman Ron Murff.
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never seen somebody so happy to be back in waco

RT @antscott55: never seen somebody so happy to be back in waco


RT @antscott55: never seen somebody so happy to be back in waco

Woodway, TX

These plugs in Waco pissing me off bro😤 so whack.

Waco, TX

RT @_boyyoustupid_: This is where all the sexy people of Baylor and Waco will be. #BUPajamaJam2k16

Waco, TX

RT @Dolce_Gabbana14: Almost time to head back to Waco so we got an announcement.. @Baylor_Sigmas


RT @TrippyMata: Waco full of fufu lame niggas tbr.

North Waco