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Relationship goals 😭😭😭😭 Elizabeth always lit
Lmfkdkxkxxkkxckn RT @elitelife_kd: Growing up in @E40 household be like...
LeBron James, Chris Paul, & Dwyane Wade enjoying their time on a boat. #BrothersForLife
Things got odd in Ottawa when the leaders of Canada, Mexico, and the US tried to shake hands
Elizabeth wildin 😭😂😭😂
Jesse Williams has white people mad as hell 😎
Me when I'm in a relationship😛
"Stop it. You're making it weird." "No, you're making it weird." "Guys..." "Shake my hand!" "Seriously, guys."
Vine by CNN Politics - North American leaders try a difficult 3-way handshake #awkward 🇲🇽🇨🇦🇺🇸 #politics #Obama #trudeau #nieto
when she said "my bad" i thought it was beyoncé 😫😫😫🍋
Vine by The Hill - Obama shares an awkward handshake with Canadian and Mexican leaders
The EU is a mess, but North America is f*cking fly as hell
me after watching 2 seasons of grey's anatomy
ok this is pretty awesome-Canadian Parliament chanting "four more years" after Obama's speech
Kid selling candy and an old lady comes up to the kids asking to see a business license
Message to Kevin Durant from the Knicks 😩 smfh
S - #CurlyW - E - E - P #Nats 4, Mets 2
Vine by CNN Politics - An opener for #DonaldTrump mentions #ElizabethWarren by mimicking a stereotypical Native American war cry #news #politics #cnn
They are shouting "four more years!"
The @InnovFellows sharing how they #CanServe live from the Cancer Moonshot Summit!
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Barack can u handle this?
Justin can u handle this?
Enrique can u handle this?
I dont think they can handle this!
One more for the road! À la prochaine. #NALS2016
URGENT NEWS: IJM lawyer & two others abducted in Nairobi. We need your help: #JusticeinKenya
Pigtails. #peppapig
Were not going back, @realDonaldTrump.
Dear sir, I have recently learned how voting works and I am APPALLED.
Rare Photos From INSIDE A Brothel. Shocking.
Berlins Brandenburg Gate lit up with Turkish al-bayrak in honor of #IstanbulAttack victims
History! Michael Phelps wins 200m butterfly to become the 1st American male swimmer to qualify for 5 Olympic Games.
George W. Bushs spokesman: Hes in "much better shape" than Kanye West video shows
My best friends better turn up like this on my wedding day 😂
This is so creative and funny!

"We’re announcing a new goal across our continent" —@POTUS on the U.S., Canada, and Mexico working to #ActOnClimate
Leave campaigns biggest donor says "facts dont work" and they took an American approach #EUref
Tonight, our building will remain dark in sympathy for the victims of the Istanbul Atatürk airport attack.
HELP. Anyone who lives in NYC and especially Queens, please help. My grandfather is missing. Poster attached.
A Farmer Drilling For Water Found Something That Shocked The ENTIRE WORLD!
Him: I think we should see other people
Me: who you wanna see today?
Puerto Ricans are American citizens. Today, the Senate did its job to restore their hope. Read @POTUSs statement:
Map: In 1919 D.C. residents lived in neighborhoods called Cuckolds Delight and Butts Land
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😆 Boris Johnson Says He Won’t Run for UK Tory Leadership😊🖒

Cork, Brisbane, NYC, LA & DC

😆 Boris Johnson Says He Won’t Run for UK Tory Leadership😊🖒

Cork, Brisbane, NYC, LA & DC

RT @BarnabyEdwards: Boris Johnson rules himself out of Conservative leader race. What a monumental, deceitful, country-wrecking coward.

Washington, DC

RT @ShujaRabbani: Do you think Boris Johnson did the right thing by pulling himself out of the #ToryLeadership? Vote and RT!

Washington, DC

Boris Johnson not running so he can spend more time breaking up other people's families.

Washington, DC

RT @cnni: BREAKING NEWS: Pro-Brexit campaigner Boris Johnson will not run for Prime Minister of the UK

Washington DC

Boris Johnson Says He Won't Run For Prime Minister: The populist ex-mayor of London, a vocal proponent of the...

Wasington, DC

RT @patmunn: @TLForeman I'd wager Boris himself is. A bit like Sarah Palin, he's not sure what he's saying until he's finished talking.

iPhone: 38.906418,-77.049988

#hAvEYOUhEArd - Boris Johnson Says He Won't Run For Prime Minister

Washington, DC

RT @khaddon: Aides at Boris event covered up the emergency exit sign to foil the inevitable photo

Washington DC