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Betho's post on Vine - This turtle needs to go down in history as the fastest turtle in the world #amazing 🐢💨🏆 - Betho's post on Vine
DicTAEtion's post on Vine - My young niggas on a mission 😂😂👊💢👊💢💪 - DicTAEtion's post on Vine
Floyd Mayweather Jr Struggles To Read A Drop For Power 105's The Breakfast Club
HailKeeTheQueen #ChickenGrease's post on Vine - I should not have figured out how to use iMovie 😂😂😩 #edgesAbsentLikeADeadBeatDad #shmoney - HailKeeTheQueen #ChickenGrease's post on Vine
DANYELI's post on Vine - 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 - DANYELI's post on Vine
Vimeo - Raise High For What
IBsoLOADED's post on Vine - #willsmith dont play that shit. 😂😂😂😭😭 😪👋#dontthinkaboutittoomuch #TeamEdit #TEAMSOUR - IBsoLOADED's post on Vine
18 Aug.: U.S. airstrike of moving ISIL armed truck
Red Alert!!! Sgt Major Dan Page the truth of America's future WAKE UP!!!!!!!!
Garrett kochakian's post on Vine - Garrett kochakian's post on Vine - Garrett kochakian's post on Vine
Ian Padgham's post on Vine - "The 9 Month Vine" by @origiful & @artiste :) - Ian Padgham's post on Vine
Benedict Cumberbatch's Ice Bucket Challenge for #MND
Coldplay - True Love (Official video)
aReneé's post on Vine - 🌴🌴🌴 - aReneé's post on Vine
LyQuin - Intro (Silence of The Lambs) (Official Video)
Rules of war (in a nutshell)
West Wing Week 08/22/14 or, “The Summer Social Media Mailbag Edition”
rylatable's post on Vine - Remember when 20 year old Beyoncé hit Celine Dion so hard with that high note she took a moment to realize what just happened. - rylatable's post on Vine
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Read this $72,276,000.00. God bless.
Best correction ever
I hate 2014s internet language so, so much:
Monday is @NatlParkService 98th birthday & all entrance fees will be waived. Please RT to spread the word!
This little kid came up to me and said "you look like my uncle" lmao
MMG Fat Trel ( @fat_gleesh ) + SLUTTY BOYZ + COKE BOYz ALL Will be [at] The #1 Friday Night Party in DC! #LotusFridays TONIGHT!! Tickets available 👉 #GLE #HU17 #HU18 #HU #BSU #BSU17 #BSU18 #UMD #dcnightlife #SluttyBoyz #MMG #BlackBottleBoys
27 years ago today, the land of Hyrule needed a hero, and Link answered the call.
the New Yorker #Ferguson cover. wow.
About a week agooo
God bless the Peshmerga. Overran ISIL camp, then chucked the ISIL flag. (via @HaremKarem)
What puts me in my happy place. 
Just saw this on fb. Apparently in St. Charles, same place Darren Wilson is from smh
In St Charles, where Darren Wilson is from, bar promotion for "Mike Brown Special: 6 shots of something" #Disrespect
Well, the ice bucket challenge is now a Halloween costume
#LOUDsaturdays at LUX LOUNGE! Text MARKSPAIN to 41411 for free passes!
Its real! The first official Dancing Groot toy, from the amazing folks at @OriginalFunko! #GuardiansOfTheGalaxy
Bruh , Crackheads Can Get ANYTHING On A Leash 😂😂
Kurdish female fighters and a bear cub,  because thats what your Friday needs, that, and bourbon
When you go to the same party as your ex and you walk in and greet everyone
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Mark your calendars: ‘National Impeach Obama Week’ is nigh - ... #JoeBiden #JohnBoehner #LaJolla #TeaParty

Washington, DC

Weekly Address: The Export-Import Bank - President Barack Obama tapes the Weekly Address in the Blue Room of the W...

The White House

Meet Mark Mazur, the Obama administration's point man on inversions. (Photo: Treasury)

Washington, D.C.

Obama Cares. Look at the Numbers.


Republican groups attack Mark Begich, without mentioning Obama. Or Obamacare. - SECTION:... #MarkBegich #PostWriter

Washington, DC

President Obama's weekly address: It's time for Congress to reauthorize the Export-Import Bank → #MadeInAmerica

Washington, DC

Weekly Address: The Export-Import Bank: President Barack Obama tapes the Weekly Address in the Blue...

Washington, DC

The Fix: Some unexpectedly detailed graphs comparing approval numbers for Obama and Bush - SECTION:... #PostWriter

Washington, DC

Obama denounces killing of journalist James Foley - SECTION: {section=politics,... #JamesFoley #PostWriter

Washington, DC

Reuters: Obama to business: tell your lawmakers to renew Ex-Im Bank #Gop2012 #Tcot #Tlot #TeaParty #election2012

Washington DC
RT @FloydMayweather: Read this $72,276,000.00. God bless.