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2014 Ramadan Iftar Series July 18 2014
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What an image...
Lmaooo RT “@karyewest: When a black woman gets tired of being a girlfriend for 8 years”
Thousands of Palestinians march from Ramallah to Jerusalem. Largest protest in decades. #48KMarch via @Ramideramallah
Thanks to those of you who flag-ged a mixup of flag icons - heres a corrected image of our 2014 Human Dev Index:
Im early but Bey is worth it #chicago #OnTheRunTour
Apparently, PETA believes access to safe, clean water is a human right - but only if youre vegan.
From a fan in NYC. Proofreading matters!
The real story behind this viral wedding photo and its "uninvited" guests
President Obama greets an enthusiastic customer at Canters delicatessen in LA today
My #LiveTheWage menu for the week.
RT @ATArchiveBot: Archiving
.@BarbaraComstock vs. @johnfoustva booths at Loudoun County Fair. #winning vs #embarrassing
I will never forget the utter shock on these kids faces - they thought they were safe in a UN school #Gaza
Ahhh The Queen photo-bombed our selfie!! 😄 👑 #royalty #sheevensmiled #amazing #Glasgow2014 @Hockeyroos @AusComGames
The choice is yours.
TONIGHT #LUXFRIDAYS THE HOTTEST PARTY IN THE CITY!!!!!! HMU for table reservations at 240 438 8906 #liveliv3ent
RT @JustinMcKeating: Are you 40-something bloke with kids? A new opportunity in the lookalike business has opened up...
RT @charliespiering: *This* from @AmbassadorPower ->
OddFather Album Cover Revealed
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You sound dumb as hell. RT @stephenasmith: what about addressing women on how they can help prevent the obvious wrong being done upon them?

Washington, DC

I actually do get what @stephenasmith is TRYING to say...his choice of words is awful though...

Washington, DC

Sorry guys, I'm with @stephenasmith. I've been telling the women in my life for years to try and make their faces less temptingly punchable.

Washington, DC

Yeah, ladies! Stop "misconstruing" what @stephenasmith said by, like, quoting him, and do YOUR part to "prevent the obvious wrong." Oh man.

Washington DC

If you didn't realize @stephenasmith was a dummy, he's proving it on twitter...

Washington DC

RT @TheTomasRios: .@stephenasmith

Washington, D.C.,

#salute @stephenasmith .

Washington, D.C.

RT @ellaceron: .@stephenasmith is maybe unaware that preventative measures are literally a woman’s EVERY day (not walking alone, home before dark, etc)?

Washington, DC

RT @wynnde13: @stephenasmith So explain to me how Janay Rice was to prevent the uppercut to her jaw that knocked her out?

Washington, DC

CAN YOU NOT? RT @stephenasmith: But what about addressing women on how they can help prevent the obvious wrong being done upon them?

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