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Vine by Hoop District - Charles Barkley spittin that gospel.
- Vine by Andrew Kaczynski
Vine by Free Beacon - Hillary Clinton reverts southern accent for speech in South Carolina
Vine by murgaro - The Ultimate LeBron James
Vine by That Bucket List - Double tap if you would try this.
Vine by Remintyn - When you need help & Esteban Julio Ricardo Montoya de la Rosa Ramírez is around! #Disney #TheSuiteLifeOfZackAndCody #disneychannel #BellBoy
Vine by Kay - Beyonce Always on Beat #Beyoncéalwaysonbeat #BeyonceBeLike #beyonceedit #beyonce #iggyazalea #iggyazaleaedit
Vine by Joey Artigue - JR Smith is THAT DUDE!!
Vine by RealGM - LeBron elevates for the breakaway dunk.
Vine by CNN - June 1 marks 35 years since the world's first 24-hour news network signed on. Look back at 35 years of CNN, tonight at 9 ET. #CNN35
Vine by Jacob - WOO BOY:
Vine by Mark Mclellan - When you don't want to put money towards an exhaust so you improvise #mazda #miata #mx5 #relatable
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The Relapse Symphony - A Perfect Lie (lyric video)

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more people have died building soccer stadiums in qatar than in the 9/11 attacks”
John Olivers excitement for the World Cup is tempered by knowing information about FIFA, the organization that produces it. John details the problems with the upcoming tournament and the staggering allegations of corruption against FIFA.

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Comptine dun autre été - laprès midi is a piece that appears on Yann Tiersens soundtrack to the French movie Amelie which was released in 2001. The original is for solo piano only and is an extremely popular piece for amateur pianists here on YouTube to upload. In fact if you look real closely at the terms and conditions for YouTube it does say that all amateur pianists have to record and upload this track so make sure youre not breaking the rules.... All right, I may be making that bit up but it seems like the case :-D

The original solo piano version sounds great by itself and really doesnt need any embelishment but I also offer a reimagined version that sounds a little fuller and hopefully adds even more emotion to a beautiful piece.

Reimagined version -
Solo piano version -
Je Mappelle By Samuel Infirmier®    @samuelinfirmier 

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Une Gouttelette Du Ciel By Samuel Infirmier® @samuelinfirmier #samuelinfirmier

#usa #china #india #indonesia #love
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Swiss law enforcement getting room numbers for FIFA execs they are heading upstairs to arrest
DMVs unsigned talent Rashad Jetson is back with a new hit single "Can We Go"! From the upcoming mixtape "Sins And Blessings" He teams up with the hot producer LB to give you this memorable record.
Stay tuned in for the release of the highly anticipated mixtape June 1st. Hosted By @Djinkspin.
Directed By @DJInkspin CEO of @ExhibitInk
Co Directed By @RashadJetson
FOLLOW @rashadjetson @rashadjetson @rashadjetson @rashadjetson @rashadjetson @rashadjetson @rashadjetson @rashadjetson @rashadjetson @rashadjetson @rashadjetson
U.K. parliament opens as PM speeds Euro referendum; Goldman bonuses; FIFA: headlines
This hater from Afghanistan is upset b/cuz his taliban bros didnt get 72-virgins. Go buy 72 plastic dolls u fool.😁😂😄
Samuel Infirmier® @samuelinfirmier 
#ChiaraFerragni #AimeeSong #WendyNguyen #KristinaBazan #JulieSariñana #RumiNeely
EXCLUSIVE: Top FIFA officials indicted, face extradition to U.S. on corruption charges.
Right now, Shell is preparing to drill in the Arctic for the first time. If we don’t stop them, it could be the beginning of the end for everything we hold dear - because if we’re willing to let them risk the destruction of this beautiful, vital, pristine landscape at the top of our world, what won’t we let them do?

To highlight this imminent threat to our way of life, we’ve teamed up with award-winning agency Don’t Panic and artists KennardPhillipps. Fire consumes three classic American landscapes, leaving in their place a dystopian vision of the future, a combination of the original paintings and imagery from real-life oil spills and disasters.

The famous artworks torched by Shell include ‘Christina’s World’ by Andrew Wyeth, ‘Pearblossom Highway’ by David Hockney and ‘An Arctic Summer: Boring Through the Pack in Melville Bay’ by William Bradford. 

The collaboration between KennardPhillipps, Don’t Panic and Greenpeace working with classical artworks has several nice precedents. In 2013 Greenpeace attempted to install a large painting of Shell’s drilling rig, the Kulluk, run aground in the Arctic at the National Gallery during a Shell corporate event. The previous year, Don’t Panic’s television show ‘The Revolution Will Be Televised’ managed to install a print of Peter Kennard’s famous artwork ‘Haywain With Cruise Missile’ into the same National Gallery around the time of a corporate event held for Italian arms manufacturer Finmeccanica.

We wont stand aside while Shell risks everything we hold dear. Its time for ordinary people around the world to join together to protect the Arctic from Shell.
"Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy."
Anne Frank
"With today’s rule, we take another step towards protecting the waters that belong to all of us." —@POTUS:
FIFA officials were escorted out behind sheets at the Baur au Lac hotel in Zurich (NY Times)
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RT @AP: BREAKING: Nebraska abolishes death penalty after Legislature votes to override Gov. Ricketts' veto.

Washington, DC

RT @thinkprogress: BREAKING: Nebraska Legislature overrules governor's veto, repealing the death penalty

Washington, DC

RT @mattdpearce: BREAKING: Nebraska's Legislature overrides governor's veto and BANS the death penalty.

Washington, DC

RT @LukeRussert: Real quite significant that #GOP legislature overrode GOP Gov on this issue.

Washington, DC

RT @rolandsmartin: BREAKING NEWS: @AP: BREAKING: Nebraska abolishes death penalty after Legislature votes to override Gov. Ricketts’ veto.

Washington, DC

RT @AP: BREAKING: Nebraska abolishes death penalty after Legislature votes to override Gov. Ricketts' veto.

washington, d.c.

RT @LukeRussert: Real quite significant that #GOP legislature overrode GOP Gov on this issue.

Washington, DC

Real quite significant that #GOP legislature overrode GOP Gov on this issue.

Washington D.C.

RT @ReutersUS: Nebraska legislature overrides veto, repeals death penalty

Washington, D.C.

Terrific news from Nebraska, where the state legislature over-rode a veto by the state's Republican governor and outlawed the death penalty.

Washington DC