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Get Rid of ObamaCare - Vote Republican
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Price Pollution, Cut Carbon
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HORNS - Daniel Radcliffe - Official Trailer
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Ernst Called Out for Snubbing Iowa Press, Going on Fox News
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Versace's post on Vine - When you see yo ex and her new nigga chillen - Versace's post on Vine
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The director of the walking in New York #catcalling video edited out white people
This kid committed suicide and jumped into the Detroit river a few days ago and left clues. Saddest thing Ive seen
When u wake yo mama up early on Mothers Day to surprise her with breakfast in bed
Before Contour. After Contour
#Israel  objects to #Swedens  recognition of statehood for #Palestine. #Sweden responds.-via @HalaGorani
A thunderstorm, from the side, from space.
You see why @TheIlluminali is too funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Let that hurt go RT @vonXvash "SHOUTOUT TO MY EX WHO CHEATED ON ME @jazminolympia "
RIP...mayor menino ...a good man and a personal friend....que descanses en paz
People are trying to have an honest discussion about street harassment. Joyce Carol Oates brings the racism:
Mi primer tweet ! / My first tweet !!!
"Hi, Im Chucky, and Im your friend till the end. Hidey-ho!" #horror #halloween
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RT @RabbiShmuley: Rabbi Shmuley: Bibi the “Chickensh*t” Who Won’t Play Ball with Obama | New York Observer NO. 1 ON @NewYorkObserver

Washington, DC

Video Catches Crowd Walking Out Again As Obama Speaks At Dem Campaign Rally In Wisconsin…[Watch]


Photo: First Lady Michelle Obama Honors 2014 IWOC Awardee Laxmi of India

Washington DC

Photo: President Barack Obama meets with NCTC Director Michael Leiter, center right, leadership…

Washington DC

Michael Jordan -- Wrong About Obama's Golf Game ... Not That 'Sh**ty': Michael Jordan is ... WRTR Real Talk Radio

Washington, DC

RT @washdcnews: In Maine, Obama Talks Up Democratic Candidate Mike Michaud

Washington, DC

Charles Krauthammer: Obama's presidential pose is as bewildered bystander

Washington, DC

In Maine, Obama Talks Up Democratic Candidate Mike Michaud

Washington, D.C.

Mitt Romney: Obama hasn't given the poor and minorities enough gifts

Washington, D.C.

Maryland Democratic Candidate For Governor Drops 9 Points In Polls After Obama Visits Rally [Read]





Oh Fitz! I thought we were past this! #Scandal
Youre worthless and weak, Fitz. I cant believe I married you #Scandal


In the middle of directing and acting a scene. Sorry I cant tweet East Coast/Central #Gladiators !!! #Scandal #TGIT
Thank you all for watching! How would you describe tonights episode in one word? #HTGAWM #TGIT
Mellie is back in business, yall. #Scandal #TGIT
Whos with us tonight?? RE-TWEET if you LIVE TWEET! #Scandal #TGIT


OMG!!!! LOL!!! Bitsy is our new found favorite!!! ???????????? #Scandal
So wonderful to have the talented and amazing Carol Locatell guest star! ???????????? #Scandal
Oh Fitz! I thought we were past this! #Scandal
Oh you got to love Funny Mellie! LOL!!! ???????????? #Scandal