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BREAKING: Fourth Circuit strikes down same-sex marriage ban. #MarriageMomentum
RT @JSchanzer: Wolf goes commando.
We have reached peak absurdity on Capitol Hill
2. Theres been some discussion of the racial casting of the forthcoming movie Exodus: Gods and Kings:
Obama played at Congressional yesterday, and I just found this in the woods off one. Looks like hes off line again.  44th.
Classes start in a month
Chip Kelly made a funny when talking about how overrated the NFL Draft is. But heres the thing...
This is in my area. I cant stop crying. I might die tonight #Gaza #GazaUnderAttack #ICC4Israel #AJAGAZA
.@JulianCastro officially takes the helm of @HUDgov and views HUD as an agency of opportunity. BULLSHIT!
1h @Rushdibbc: the scene from my window in Tal al-Hawa w Gaza, explosions shaking the building,Kids screaming
You asked, we delivered. The Glancy- coming Fall 2014. #wedges #inmyelement
Checkout My Anticipated Single #Money Listen Here  on Twitpic
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RT @RealGrumpyCat: #bachelorettefinale

Washington, D.C.

RT @RealGrumpyCat: #bachelorettefinale

Washington, D.C.

Nick is complaining about ???????????????????? oh, Where's @C_Soules ?! ???????????????? #bachelorettefinale

Washington, D.C.

Congratulations on your future divorce. #Bachelorette #bachelorettefinale #idontwatchtheshow

Washington, DC


Washington DC

Stalker much? Red flag! Set up to be the next bachelor, right? Is this a joke? #bachelorettefinale

Washington, DC

It didn't feel like the right time -- you guys should TOTALLY wait until you're both on live TV. #BacheloretteFinale

Washington, D.C.

RT @JessicaTaylor: I really want them to interview Nick's little sister on her reaction to #bachelorettefinale

Washington, D.C.

Makeup team did a great job on Nick's ropeburns. #bachelorettefinale

Washington, DC

Excellent - Andi got a new fiancé And a stalker. Good job @chrisbharrison #bachelorettefinale

Washington, D.C.