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Vine by @recordsANDradio - Harper & Werth home run celebration
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Nuts leaving him in MT @Lahlahlindsey: Guys Wilmer Flores is crying on the field & this is just cruel at this point.
OH. MY. @Bharper3407 CRUSHES another home run. This one went wayyyy past the first one... #Nats
#KCA #VoteJKT48ID MatthewKick: Hey NBCNews, I went ahead and fixed this one for you. Do better. #SamDubose @DanCoffey1991
Overcrowded GOP Field Forces Iowa To Construct Massive Town Hall Stadium
FUCK EVERYBODY  RT @Jai_Lay: Abomination. Everybody goin to hell "@IDisDummies: Crying"
Aye @FullCupLover this is cold blooded
“@tumbIerposts: He found his grandmas wig and then.. 😂😂” omg😂😂😩
You dont have an excuse: the most common writing errors are easily avoidable
Foreign Affairs House Democrat: Iran deal "simply too dangerous"
Contando los días para #mituVERANO por @NBCUniverso este sábado 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁#ViveElVerano
Im on the scene: My sources: Child is 3 yr. old girl. She was shot on the 600 block 46 Place SE. @nbcwashington
Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders speaking   to supporters via Internet from a house party in Washington DC.
help @xeni I need an adult
WATCH: @Bharper3407 crushes a three-run homer to give the #Nats the lead!
Because...why not? #HarperHomer #BOOM #Emoji
Now @Taylor_Michael3 gets in on the fun! He goes the opposite way for his 9th homer of the season! #MichaelA
100,000 people signed up to attend Bernie Sanders events this evening:
Wow.RT"@gq409: Another case of media using something as simple as photographs to shape public opinion. #SamDubose"
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RT @ryanfagan: Seriously. Carlos Gomez is taking goodbye pics with teammates. Wilmer Flores is still in the game.

Washington, DC

@rbratin How are you not buying adding Carlos Gomez? He's a GUY.

Washington, D.C.

1. Carlos Gomez 2. #NationalLipstickDay 3. #MyUselessResumeSkills 4. #ListOfTurnOns 5. #MLSAllStar 2015/7/29 20:36 CDT


Mets traded for Carlos Gomez. They better get all the help they can. We'll be there shortly #Nats


1. Carlos Gomez 2. #NationalLipstickDay 3. #MyUselessResumeSkills 4. #ListOfTurnOns 5. Wheeler 2015/7/29 20:15 CDT


@based_ball @avsny Hey, it beats the Twins Carlos Gomez development plan.

ÜT: 38.899597,-77.030309

@StevenTydings @KnicksMemes I saw rumors that we'd shop Lagares/Montero/Nimmo for Gomez, I'd much rather send Wheeler and Flores instead


@robertbrender …who is going to get TJS tomorrow now that Gomez is here.

ÜT: 38.899597,-77.030309

@ken_rosenthal With Wheeler and Gomez involved, "pending review of medicals" isn't a throwaway point

ÜT: 38.899597,-77.030309

6. Little Women 7. Gomez 8. Alex Wood 9. Rick Porcello 10. Andre Miller 2015/7/29 19:55 CDT #trndnl