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This kid got my life together in less than a minute
Ok but the 1996 DNC was lit
Drake is just playin with y'all now 🔥
sometimes im jimmy butler but sometimes im melo, this is the most beautiful thing ive ever seen
Lmao you can tell Melo is the old head on this team
I'm sorry but this was the best scene in the movie precious 💀😂
they should of never gave her a tv show
ICYMI: Here's the 1st triple play in #Nats history, and the 1st 3-3-5 triple play in @MLB history.
I can't stop watching this
Zendaya singing Mario let me love you was the cutest thing I saw all day. Her voice pretty af 😍
Back story: if Mike misses 3 shots, the whole camp gets free Jordans... The Gawd didn't miss once. 🔥🏀🔥
c'mon Melo! (via @DeMar_DeRozan)
So my lil Brother Think he ah tough guy already 😂😂😂💯
Easy, breezy, beautiful. Scammer girl.
let the children lead the way.
Melo started killing KD shit outta nowhere 😂
Beyoncé WHO?! 😂 Momma Dee is serving the girls.
@MissyElliott #Congratulations on your #VMANomination, 🙏 4 You U! Thank U for the Follow! #Revohloo Is Made 4 U....👇
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This is an extraordinary endorsement
Former Trump ghostwriter on Wednesday; Trump today
May I politely remind you:
Her son is dead. This is inhuman.
Captain Khan and his family represent the best of America, and we salute them.
In honor of Khizr Khan, get your FREE POCKET CONSTITUTION:
"If you look at his wife, she was standing there. She had nothing to say. Maybe she wasnt allowed to. You tell me."
NEW: Founder of @iava Paul Rieckoff responds to Trumps "sacrifice" comments
There you go, jerk.
sent my dad this... so he sends me this...
If you look at Chris Christie, he was just standing there. He had nothing to say. Maybe he wasnt allowed to:
Donald Trump said he would have liked to hear from the wife of Khizr Khan. Heres what she said on MSNBC last night:
American homeownership rate in Q2 2016 was 62.9% - lowest rate in 51yrs. WE will bring back the  American Dream!
A possible future president is tweeting out Thomas the Tank Engine photoshops at 2am.
Incredibly proud of Hillary and so happy to join her and Tim on the trail this week.
My sons reaction after tasting this peach 🍑... #PureJoy.
If you saw this many spelling errors in a cover letter for an entry-level job, you wouldnt hire them.
Welcome to DC, Mark Melancon!
Thanks @mcuban for your kind words & ringing endorsement of @HillaryClinton here in your hometown #CityOfChampions!
When the Trump kids went to war.
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RT @Eastcoastphotog: URGENT: Emergency officials in #HoCoMD urging people to STAY AWAY from Main St. #EllicottCity #maryland area

Washington, DC

Crazy flooding video. #ellicottcity via @youtube

Washington, DC

RT @IrishEagle: During the height of the #ellicottcity #flashflood event from Sat night. Video by Dan Somers

Washington DC

RT @IrishEagle: Aftermath video of #ellicottcity. Tremendous damage. | IG video by mitchallenphoto

Washington, D.C.

RT @raylewis: Be safe out there #maryland prayers & thoughts with all in #ellicottcity 🙏🏿

EAthens/EAtlanta to DC

RT @rob_hix: LIVE on #Periscope: Historic Ellicott City flooding damage #hoco #ellicottcity

Washington, DC

RT @MikeTFox5: #Flooding up in #EllicottCity MD tonight. Several cars swept away. Thanks to Candice Schoolman for sharing. #mdwx

Washington, D.C.

RT @MikeTFox5: #Flooding up in #EllicottCity MD tonight. Several cars swept away. Thanks to Candice Schoolman for sharing. #mdwx

Washington, DC

RT @IrishEagle: During the height of the #ellicottcity #flashflood event from Sat night. Video by Dan Somers

Washington, DC

RT @IrishEagle: The power of water in #ellicottcity Saturday night. This video by henri_sanders on IG.

Washington, DC












On &off heavy showers for the @billyjoel concert @Nationals Park this evening. Wont rain for entire concert.
@billyjoel #Concert at #NationalsPark #BillyJoel
Hey @Nationals yall need to make a call. This is not good. @billyjoel