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PRVN™'s post on Vine - #ShmoneyDance 🔥 --- #PRVN - PRVN™'s post on Vine
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Classes will begin in a month, literally. If you know a freshman who can use this information pass it along! @monie_skin_care  #wesupportsmallbusiness #naturalproducts #GoRAMS 💜💛
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White boys are a plague, they must be stopped.

West Chester, Pennsylvania

boys wearing shorts well above their knees is equivalent to getting a bowl at chipotle

West Chester, PA

I don't get Israel supporters. Like, do you even have a real reason for supporting what you're supporting?

West Chester, Pennsylvania

Nikon Tips - July 28, 2014 - Most cameras get their exposure readings when you depress the shutter release halfway...

West Chester, PA

Get your business exposure. Go here & click 'Sponsorship'. #KellerWilliams #WeKare #Golf: It's almost here!

West Chester PA

When people say Josh is creepy on the #Bachelorette makes me so upset!

West Chester

Driving is like sex. Everyone thinks they're "good" at it but are usually just okay at it.

West Chester, PA

My Latest: The 9 Keys To Brand Publishing Success: #contentmarketing

West Chester, PA

RT @SnazzyTrinkets: #Anchor Ocean life Bracelet via @Etsy #jewelry #unique #etsymntt #boebot #HAF #Etsy_Today #pottiteam

West Chester PA

RT @GinsburgJobs: To all of my followers and friends, I now own my account again and I want to thank each and everyone of you for sticking with me thru this!

West Chester, Pa.