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Garth fever has made the whole metro fucking crazy. Even restaurants in the burbs are packed.


Garth Brooks here we come! ☺️? #GARTHinDESMOINES #DreamComeTrue

The 'Kee

Does Garth Brooks being in town mean I get to see loads of Stetsons in town the next few days?

Des Moines, IA


Asian hair sticks - oriental hair sticks - wooden hair sticks - hair sticks for sale..


2 Multi beaded black ball top Hair Sticks / Shawl Sticks. Hairsticks and Shawl Pins..




"Michelle has not aged a day. The only way you can date her in photos is by looking at me." —@POTUS sharing photos:
"With that, I have just two more words to say: Obama Out." —@POTUS #WHCD