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this just made my whole day 😭😍🐶
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My friend tried it and said hers grew that fast too. I think I might have to try this!
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RT @HipHopxHotspot: Meek Mill just got denied entrance into Canada. His show in Toronto has been canceled.
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My friend tried it and said hers grew that fast too. I think I might have to try this!
TONIGHT!!! The only place to be is Pumpum Tuesdays.  Dancehall artist @XYCLONEREDSQ will be in the building, celebrity dancers, choreographers, @DancehallFunk and friends also will be in the building.

LADIES FREE B4 11pm w/mention of #DancehallFunk at the door. Doors open at 10pm.
This is annoying 😑
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RT @Drake:

Beverly Hills, CA

Trigger fingers turned into Twitter fingers #backtobackfreestyle @Drake


hope this ends Meek Mill career. cause dude is trash. pls diss Hopsin, Dom Kennedy, and Childish Gambino next @Drake #6ixGawd

los angeles

Yall don't know @MeekMill will shit on @Drake easy


RT @Drake:


After listening to @Drake dissing @MeekMill


@Drake be like "fuck with me Meek"


#Back2Back is what I wanted from you @Drake ! Light 'em up! ???

Los Angeles, CA

RT @Drake:

Culver City, CA

RT @gtgloser: @Drake punch me w ur huge meaty cock & then when I'm in the hospital in a coma, visit and shove down my unconscious throat



Louis: "Lets do a special selfie. Lets be gangsters. Back to back, love, come on. Im testing your skills."
its going down tonight ✊????#KnockKnockLive
the sizzler dropped by #knockknocklive ;) @justinbieber
.@RyanSeacrest and @justinbieber hanging out on stage! #KnockKnockLive
Its all fun and games on the #KnockKnockLive stage with @ryanseacrest and @justinbieber!


Vine by Jim - Vin Scully is the best.... Ever.


Tonight on @midnight weve got the goth squad!