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Pacer fans get ready for next season. Im helping to get Roy ready to become a serious threat to his competitors.
The "you can beat my ass but my daddy will sue" outfit.
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RT @JConlineWeather: Its currently 72 in Lafayette. You can expect a few showers/t-storms throughout the morning. High of 76.

I'm broadcasting live on the air! Listen in now at #BlogTalkRadio

West Lafayette, IN

“@GeorgeTakei: Every time I change my password, I have to get a new pet.”

West Lafayette, IN

上周中的奖还没到,于是发私信去问,说7月16号发货了的 #你他喵的在逗我 #我17号才把地址私信过去的 #该不会他们要赖账吧

West Lafayette

Guess my roots are shallow

West Lafayette

RT @SwiftOnSecurity: The way executive compensation works, you'd be well off posting customer credit cards on pastebin just to get a $20mil payoff and retire.

West Lafayette, IN

People say I have no chill cuz of the things I say but if they could see my thoughts they'd think I was sick in the head

West Lafayette

RT @AlexiLalas: Sorry, if the only pro soccer games you watch are summer friendlies, then you are not a American soccer fan. I have spoken.

West Lafayette

Tweets today brought to you by @The_Real_RandyO Keep 'em coming

West Lafayette

RT @FootballVines: WOW

West Lafayette

RT @whitesox: 5 years ago today, Mark Buehrle pitched the 18th perfect game in @MLB history:

Chicago, West Lafayette




Could they be future Boilers? Hanna kids got hands-on with math and science at #Purdue.