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This kid got my life together in less than a minute
Ok but the 1996 DNC was lit
Drake is just playin with y'all now 🔥
Thank you Denver, Colorado! #MakeAmericaGreatAgain!
- Vine by Sports Update
Thank you Colorado Springs. Get out & VOTE #TrumpPence16 in November!
Thank you to the amazing law enforcement officers in Colorado! #MakeAmericaGreatAgain #LESM
sometimes im jimmy butler but sometimes im melo, this is the most beautiful thing ive ever seen
Vine by LAFLAME - 🕊🕊🕊
#CrookedHillary Job Application
Melo over there looking like he gon punch on somebody 😂
This is dope 👍🔥
Swae Lee and friends freestyle
So my lil Brother Think he ah tough guy already 😂😂😂💯
Back story: if Mike misses 3 shots, the whole camp gets free Jordans... The Gawd didn't miss once. 🔥🏀🔥
Chicago Blacks: "Obama will go down as the worst Prez EVER" RT #MAGA #Trump2016
Vine by Nate Fields - When you hit it and split it 😂😂😂 Nike Boi, Goldmaccc 🏃🏿💨🍑
A man with a knife at a Costco in Northern California shot by an off duty corrections officer! 😳
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Kodak Black has reportedly been sentenced to 3 Years #FreeKodak
American homeownership rate in Q2 2016 was 62.9% - lowest rate in 51yrs. WE will bring back the  American Dream!
Heres a list of items needed for our Boxed for Success School Supply Drive. How to donate:
PBA was an early supporter of @autismspeaks. Pictured: Pres. Fleming, the Wrights & Mayor Muoio in 2012.
"@patrioticpepe: @realDonaldTrump ONLY TRUMP CAN UNITE AMERICA AND FIX OBAMAS MISTAKES!!! #Trump2016"
Lt.Alan May tells me a man in his early 20s was shot & killed in this parking lot around 430am @CBS12
White boy aint got blue eyes no more 👀
The #batmobile will be making its debut at cars & coffee very soon! #batman #palmbeach #southflorida @WPBF25News
Wash & set in the street. Gotta love New York.
In honor of Khizr Khan, get your FREE POCKET CONSTITUTION:
Kevin Durant out here looking like E.T. 😭 (via 👻 @Money23Green)
Rick Ross has officially signed the formerly homeless rapper who spit for him on the street to MMG
When they interrupt you while youre telling them what time it is.
Love this! @duffys_fdn donation to replace stolen bicycles & help @ArcPBC @JohnSmithWPB
Keys you will be missed 🌞
Frida Khalo 💗🌼🔥
Tape ++®Soon .... Stay Real and Be What you Wanna be 💕🔥🤘🏾® TPLT
Captiva island with my boy 💜
Beautiful sunrise this morning in #Atlanta. So great to be back home.#gawx #TrueToAtlanta
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#TrumpSacrifices fighting the good fight 4theppl as opposed to HER cheating 4the RICH! #LOCKHERUP

RT @DoresSportsFan: I can no longer go on Howard Stern's show and talk about my private sex life to his millions of listeners. #TrumpSacrifices

New York, USA, Palm Beach, Fl

RT @magnifier661: #TrumpSacrifices will Make our Country Great Again

West Palm Beach, FL

RT @jimdigs: #TrumpSacrifices The truth for easily proven lies. @EricTrump @DonaldJTrumpJr @PaulManafort

New York, USA, Palm Beach, Fl

RT @mch7576: RT @esd2000: #TrumpSacrifices Having to participate in a debate. #TrumpPence16 #RNC #GOP #VoteBlue

New York, USA, Palm Beach, Fl

RT @All_For_TRUMP: Who will be the next President of the United States? RT for Donald Trump. Like for Hillary Clinton #TrumpSacrifices

West Palm Beach Fl

RT @Marc_Smash: #TrumpSacrifices business in order to run for POTUS. #HillarySacrifices people to keep her business secret.

West Palm Beach, FL

RT @JaredWyand: Having his kids threatened because he wants to enforce immigration laws & shield us from terrorism #TrumpSacrifices

West Palm Beach, FL

RT @steph93065: It seems to me that #TrumpSacrifices Media driven lie is about stopping conversation about #ClintonCash #DNCleak & massive #DNCProtests

West Palm Beach, FL

His hands are so small that he has to have custom gloves made. #TrumpSacrifices

West Palm Beach, FL

RT @PaulBegala: Once survived an entire weekend at Mar-a-Lago with just one can of hairspray. #TrumpSacrifices

West Palm Beach, FL


Frida Khalo 💗🌼🔥
Huckabee: "If they cant control their own email maybe they shouldnt be controlling the state secrets of the U.S."
The #batmobile will be making its debut at cars & coffee very soon! #batman #palmbeach #southflorida @WPBF25News
With Marysol, one of the awesome @FirstServePBC tennis tourney ⭐️s! @WPBF25News @SonnyMaken @Pbcpal #lifeskills