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Truth πŸ™Œ
If my #MTS class gets 10,000 RT by 4/29, we dont have to take our final.
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#wcw my boo @LibyanPerks ... Just kidding Ariana Grande lol
#wcw ο˜ο˜ο’˜

β€œ@Briana13Perez: #Wcw???????? @frances_ortegaa” ew ????

Whittier, CA



my wcw everyday is alice glass n nobody ,n I mean nobody , can beat that she is a fine piece of heaven

Pawnee, Indiana

RT @_hollynicollete: β€œ@RangaRichie_: #WCW ???????????????? siempre” rtttt

La Habra

WCW is the beautiful @shangraw14 ????????????


WCW is the beautiful @myagarcia678 ????????????????


My Beautiful #WCW @Sickkass_Unique

Whittier, CA

RT @Saulnikki: #wcw selena ????

La Habra

#wcw @_lexita ????????????????


My awkward smile but my #Wcw ???????? @xoxoAdriana_



When bae tweets, she wishes she had a bae.....
RT @_phucknlauren: β€œ@CIassConfess: "Northview cheerleaders think theyre cute? Well our cheerleaders do it better." -Covina High School”
"A kid was overdosing and the paramedics took him out on the stretcher in the middle of a rally." -Wilson High School
A little too much swag on this pitch: - Dodgerss post on Vine
Swaggy gets lessons from a legend: - Dodgerss post on Vine
RT @Dodgers: Nick Young and Jordan Farmar get a tour of the clubhouse:


RT @andrewgayra_: they all thots "Covina cheerleaders think theyre cute? Well our cheerleaders do it better." -Northview High School"


HAHAHA. #thestruggle - Aubrianna Sheas post on Vine
When u hug ur side hoe before ur girlfriend - Damians post on Vine
Da evolution of #2pac - #lmmaooo #funnyshit #wedontlovedemhoez - HipHopViness post on Vine


Typical Yankee cheating scumbags - David Portnoy Barstool sportss post on Vine










A little too much swag on this pitch: - Dodgerss post on Vine