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Southern Delaware: foggy enough to hide your shame of being here.

Wilmington, DE

#Weather Wilmington, Delaware Weather :: 42F FAIR

Wilmington DE

r3d14l's Delaware r3w1nd is out! Stories via @LiveINWilm @delawareliberal @DelawareNow

Wilmington, Delaware

Good for Delaware: Fishy science via @delawareonline

Wilmington, Delaware

State watching 11 back from W. Africa Delaware's approach to Ebola: via @delawareonline

Wilmington, Delaware

RT @delawareonline: Traffic alert: Crash closes 2 lanes of Del. 7 SB near Delaware Park. #trafficDE #netDE

Wilmington, DE




RT @FringeWilmo: @citytheaterco will bring their FEARLESS IMPROV to @FringeWilmo 11/20-21! #fringede #netde #artsde