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RT @Mikedopee: Klay Thompson right now ?

Winter Park, FL

RT @kyronsamuels: klay hooped the thunder out in some damn ANTA shoes. i didn't even know they existed I thought fam had on skechers. i'm mad all over again.

Winter Park, Florida

RT @JoinGreenRush: *Burns One for Klay Thompson & The Bay*??? —Visit for ? Weed? #California #Cannabis #Weed

Winter Park, FL

RT @FakeSportsCentr: Klay Thompson to Steph Curry...

Winter Park, FL

Klay Thompson is the best player and shooter on the Warriors


Yall acting like Klay Thompsons 11 threes had nothing to do with our loss ?

Winter Springs, FL

RT @BillSimmons: Klay Thompson is like 2016 Jerry West in this game.

winter park, Fl

Klay had one of the greatest games in playoff history. I can't think of more than 3 better in my drunken stuper but that was Pippen-worthy.

Winter Park, FL

RT @BSO: KLAY..........

Winter Park, FL

Klay is putting out one of the greatest NBA playoff performances ever. Ever. Ever. Ever.

Winter Park, FL


MVP ties it up at 99. Its not over yet, Twitter.


When you just choked a 3-1 Series Lead


Klay Thompson breaks the NBA record for most threes in a playoff game (10).


Vine by Bleacher Report - Flexin on em ????
Theres only one explanation. The curse was never lifted @LILBTHEBASEDGOD


Russell Westbrook after Game 5 vs. Russell Westbrook after Game 6...
Vine by NBA TV - Westbrook
Russell Westbrook just missed a triple-double, but had 4 turnovers in the final 1:39. He had 1 in the first 46:21.