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Poe Humor's post on Vine - well.. thats enough internet for today! - Poe Humor's post on Vine
Dominican Drew presents Tony Moxberg and Pat Gallo "UP ALL NIGHT"
Popeuxlar Demand - No Excuses (Official Music Video)
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WHY DID YOU CROP ME OUT? @nickiminaj #Anaconda
Today is National Tequila Day!
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& ratchet “@AaronJoseph_: Snack-Off is definitely for niggas who are smacked”


#MobbDeep #ShookOnes #TheInfamousMobbDeep #AintNoSuchThingsAsHalfWayCrooks #Queens #NewYork #NYC…

Yonkers, NY

I see you KP

Live Nation HQ NYC

Ya kno what we doin... my lamp game heavy neggas.. You kno who it is... The kid aka yung glob aka Mikey beanz


"@JonRichard: Wtf they feeding Blue Ivy?!" yoo she was just born #illuminati


blessed to be in NYC with my best friend ✨ @ Times Square NYC


Thanks for the shotout bae❤, everytime I see you, you make my night perfect with everything you say to me I love ya a lot @AndyRoyMusic ❤❤❤❤

NYC Babe❤❤

Finally preordered my #NBA2K15 today ???????????? #happiness

Jamaican Born NYC Raised

Today has been the worst in a very very long time. Will miss you J.

NYC Metro

If Gaga did another artrave in msg I'd have to link up with @fabuleuxpaxvali @jossie320 @TonyNana @Julio_Angel @eatenbygaga @Irwinjeramiah















Kanye wearing a shirt of Kanye wearing a shirt of Kanye ????
RT @TheFunnyTeens: Kanye wearing a shirt of Kanye wearing a shirt of Kanye ????????
Twitter / @nuteIla: Kanye wearing a shirt of K ...