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She gave me her CD at gas station. She 74 rapping for Jesus.
Drake: "You a real ass woman and like it." Me:
MOOD. RT @TheyCallMeNap: Greatest video in TL history
Vine by Bleacher Report - 😏😏😏
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I could no longer withhold this from you all! My secret is out... I am Donatello
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Obama: Its too hot for a scarf, Joe. Biden: IMMA DO THE SCARF WHIP Obama: Please dont do the scarf whip. Biden:

RT @yeselson: Dems Left (Bernie), Center (Biden), and Right (Bloomberg) coalesce against demagogic crackpot, Trump. This is the logic of a popular front.

Ypsilanti, MI

RT @CNN: Vice President Joe Biden on Donald Trump: "He has no clue about what makes America great"

Ypsilanti, MI

RT @KevinMKruse: And with that, Joe Biden hops in Camaro One, tearing ass home to Scranton.

Ypsilanti, MI

#DemsInPhilly uncomfortable with vice prez Biden referring to flotus as "kid". Okay for Michelle to call him grandpa?

Ypsilanti, MI

God bless Joe Biden. That is all.

Ypsilanti, Michigan




September 2nd, 2002: Walk-on Phil Brabbs kicks the game winning 44-yard FG to beat Washington 31-29.
August 31st, 2002: Walk-on Phil Brabbs kicks the GW 44-yard FG to beat Washington 31-29. His 1st career FG attempt.
April 3rd, 1989: Rumeal Robinson sinks the GW free throw as Michigan wins their 1st NCAA Tournament Championship.