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I've been detained by police with a student and am being taken to a police station @News24 #FeesMustFall #UKZN
Cops who arrested me don't know where the police station is @News24
Members of the #FeesMustFall movement now singing struggle songs on the steps of James Memorial Hall at UCT
When you want to go to school but school also means more anxiety.
One minute people are called upon to pay back NSFAS. The next minute: NSFAS is free education.
.@Rude_World's own, @JaniceNow will be at #MCL2016!! Get your Early Bird tickets here:
We're here getting excited over FIFA17 & these kids are happy that a bomb gives them somewhere to play.. perspective
Regardless of what you think of him now, this was a pretty special goal - and he scored it 10 years ago today
Shots fired at #UKZN @News24 #FeesMustFall
I see Blade is still running with the inaccuracy that NSFAS is free education when it's a loan scheme. Lemme go find a drink
One third of @LVSLDP, @Lorendzo will be at #MCL2016!! Early Bird tickets are now available!!
Sizwe in Oct 2013: "In 3 years Twitter will be #Obsolete" Twitter in Oct 2016:
"UCT must open on Mon-"
Teaching them young 😜😂
Chance The Rapper will reportedly be performing in SA early next year! 🙌🏾
Time lapse of the sketch 🙂 DM if you interested RT for fun 🙃
Motivational speech before breakfast in the Williams household..
Splenic micro-abscesses (mostly) confirms disseminated TB in patents with advanced HIV #emconf #FOAMed
A summary of Quinton de Kock's activity against the Aussies this evening: #ProteaFire
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I just want to flourish academically, financially, sexually, spiritually konke nje. Just flourish
Was there a Daisies pre-party on upper campus today? 

#FeesMustFall #reopenuct
In other news, today the Mxit servers are being turned off. #RIPMxit 2006-07-01 - 2016-09-30
Tomorrow is the day
Three years ago Sizwe Nostradhlomos (@SizweDhlomo) predicted the end of Twitter. You have about 4 hours left.
Congratulations @Cheslin_Kolbe11 & Layla Cupido on your engagement!
found a rare gem on Facebook what makes it even better is that its written by a white person
At Wits right now. Fees strangling student #FeesMustFall
A supreme irony - white people crying about access to education after only two weeks.
He said yes 💉🔥💐❤️.
*hears skelling and loud complaining*

What did I do now again?
When one of the squad members is grounded but you still visit them to show solidarity.
Hot tea is served☕️ @UCTStudent
"Don’t sacrifice your future, the future of the country & the future of higher education..." - UCT VC, Dr Max Price
Just chillaxing under the trees @RoxyLateNight at #htctweetup :)
Yes - you can film the police! You can download and print these cards from
This is why I cant argue when women say "Men are trash".
Looool was your love supposed to change after the flight??????
Maps Maponyane is now a Top Billing presenter, kanti when will this industry be open to new faces bethuna.
Lets create awareness! Lets make the change!
#Kconnect #StopHungerNow
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Cool #Coffee Collection #Chappies - we agree! #lovecoffee #loveChappies #capepointroute #CapeTown #InternationalCoffeeDay

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Saturday Morning Goodness #SaturdayVibes #capetown @ The Old Biscuit Mill

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Now Playing LIVE From #CapeTown Kylesa - Tired Climb - Tune In Here! ->

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RT @Capetriketours: Let @Capetriketours take you to this stunning #destination #travel #CapeTown

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This is #capetown #southafrica #chapmanspeak #chapmanspeakdrive #myhome #southafrican…

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Let the bidding begin! @CapeWinemakersG #CWGAuction @GC_Com
Adding some bubbles to our selection. @GrahamBeckSA Non Plus Ultra MCC 2008. #CWGAuction #TsogoWine
Making a statement in #CWGAuction tasting room..complex as Brad Pitts love-life, just prettier. @Simonsig_Wines
#CWGAuction The speed & prices are raising the bar for SA wine - already at R6.7m!




Let the bidding begin! @CapeWinemakersG #CWGAuction @GC_Com