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My saddest photo yet. From #ISS we can actually see explosions and rockets flying over #Gaza & #Israel
Maccabi Haifa players were assaulted tonight by an anti-Israel mob during a "friendly" match against Lille. Sickening
Haha found this on my phone! From the midnight memories video shoot, it was freezing , think Harry was in the toilet
Lions Head, Cape Town, South Africa
My homie Christiano Ronaldo got the President of Japan throwing up Young money! He too real 4dat! Young Muulah baby!
Naill sigue encontrado fotos en su  tel. Louis & Liam en el set macy comercial para el perfume de ultimo año
#Amantombazane #Caracara  Catch & Kid X & Ricky Rick ... on Twitpic
Me and the little lad :)
October 25th = Luis Suarez ban ends.
October 26th = El Clasico.
RT @mzaziwillytuva: RT "@TrendKE: What is up with all these airline disasters? :( #AH5017"
Louis van Gaal: "Its fantastic how they performed. [7-0] was a surprise but they were beautiful goals!" #mutour
Brazil fans this morning..
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Gavin Rajah showstopper at #MBFWCT Next on the runway: Stefania Morland

Cape Town, South Africa

The finale @GavinRajah #mbfwct 2014 @AFI_sa

Cape Town

#mbfwct #fashionaffair #gavinrajah

Cape Town, South Africa

The exquisite detail defining prettiness @GavinRajah #mbfwct 2014 @AFI_sa

Cape Town

Two of our favourite fashion girls @StyleGuideCT & @BEE_DIAMONDHEAD at @MB_FashionSA @AFI_sa #MBFWCT

Cape Town

Tweed & Quilting by @GavinRajah #mbfwct 2014 @AFI_sa

Cape Town

Sexy sophistication @GavinRajah #mbfwct 2014 @AFI_sa

Cape Town

#tbt MBFWCT 2013!! What an Epic nite! ???????????????????? #throwbackthursday #twinsies #besties #fashionweek…

Cape Town South Africa

#MBFWCT selfie with my fashion godfather @chusuwannapha

Cape Town

#MBFWCT Stunning show by @gavinrajah

cape town, south africa
RT @EllermanHotel: The amazing @GAVINRAJAH at Cape Town Fashion Week. We loved the elegant use of metal detail for Spring/Summer
RT @MB_FashionSA: Now wasnt that just a magnificent finale! @GAVINRAJAH @mblife_sa @AFI_sa #MBFWCT


RT @flightradar24: Air Algerie/Swiftair flight #AH5017 EC-LTV is now confirmed crashed in Niger. Still no info about passengers and crew
.@flightradar24 says Air Algerie flight #AH5017 has crashed in Niger but still no info about passengers and crew


RT @DenisDroppa: Porsches Toby Venter buys Kyalami for R205 million.
Macan test halted! Toby + Jessica celebrate purchase of #kyalami for R205m for @porsche sa. #savingmotor-racing


RT @MB_FashionSA: Now wasnt that just a magnificent finale! @GAVINRAJAH @mblife_sa @AFI_sa #MBFWCT