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Vine by Manchester United - The big man is here - it's #ZlatanTime!
🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 Congradulations on the new whip @rikyrickworld 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
Black Americans giving Hillary their vote so Trump doesn't win.
Wen u catch bae on snap enjoying himself😂😂😂😂
WHO IS THIS WOMAN AND WHY ISN'T SHE MY BEST FRIEND YET?!? @CNN #Hillary2016 #DonaldTrump #DemsInPhilly
Vine by Anfield HQ - Straight red for Fabregas for a tackle on Klavan. #lfc
Welcome back @paulpogba 🔴 #MUFC
Thanks Von!!!
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We tend to be so hard on ourselves that we forget to take a moment to reflect & appreciate what we have achieved.
Survive the #ColdFront with Nestlé and keep warm. Simply RT to unlock this weeks prize. #ColdFront
Please guys, pick your WCW wisely 😭😂😂😂😂
I need to start a thread of photos of Rihanna leaving restaurants with the wine glass
Congratulations to @rikyrickworld on your new ride. You and @Mabala_Noise are changing the game. #WhosGonnaSignNext
Kwakuhle kwethu 💍
American dishwasher vs African Dish Washer
Dont be this guy 😭
I am now a proud owner of this master piece.  Powerful story telling through art...Thanks to the fearless Artist...
Being happy doesnt mean that everything is perfect. It means that youve decided to look beyond the imperfections 👑
#THEFAMO will be out at #THEBEXPERIENCE30JULY with @Jnr_B This Saturday @47thAvenue_DBN . Its gonna be LIT!!
We demand #Freesanitarytowels for the African girl child now...
They tried the wrong one... Shes a str8 SAVAGE

Stream #DOF (Death of Fakeness) by JuneBlackheart

#JaybeeMeetsJuneBlackheart #Music #🇿🇦
Kept De Gea, hired Mourinho and then signed Bailly, Ibrahimovic, Mkhitaryan, Pogba. All without CL football. #MUFC 😎
Bruh 😂
Please share to help mommy make business
Steps to the perfect fro-buns on Instagram... 😘
Follow us on Instagram: @LivecalmAfrica 🎭

#Events #Music #Photography #GraphicDesign #Art
When youre tryna explain how you forgot your wallet at home but she agrees to pay for your broke ass #OTT_Thursdays
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In case yall dont know why theres an uproar because of #CEOSleepout2016
Protest broke out on Braamfontein side of Mandela bridge. Police just fired rubber bullets #CEOSleepout2016 | @eNCA

RT @SAfrognews: BLACK PEOPLE on Twitter express their atmost disgust at the White People mocking the poor #CEOSleepout2016

Durban, South Africa

RT @MissMadiba: Homeless people looking at the CEO slumber party on the Mandela Bridge like... #CEOSleepout2016


Well done to everyone involved in this years #CEOSleepout2016


#CEOSleepout2016 misrepresents because it empowers the wrong people. It is all about them and means f**** all for the poor ultimately

Doha | Durban

#CEOSleepout2016 misrepresents because it raises R30million for poor but allows Vodacom to pay its CEO R21million for 2016 financial year.

Doha | Durban

#CEOSleepout2016 misrepresents poverty because it encourages charity NOT social change.

Doha | Durban

#CEOSleepout2016 misrepresents poverty because it fails to address that which perpetuates poverty. And CEOs are kings of that system.

Doha | Durban

RT @BulelaniPhillip: Save us the patronising fanfare, just donate the money and go to your mansions. #CEOSleepout2016

Durban,South Africa.

RT @TVwithThinus: CEO are told 'enjoy tonight' as they glamourise poverty in #CEOSleepout2016 Shameful.

Durban,South Africa.

I have #CEOSleepout2016 FOMO

Durban, South Africa






WTF, Kenny Kunene???
Kenny trying hard 2 salvage A&C! RT @SphaHlengwa_DBN Kenny kunene is a master of controversy. #ModernSlaveryPainting


Driving past Mandela bridge like
Protest broke out on Braamfontein side of Mandela bridge. Police just fired rubber bullets #CEOSleepout2016 | @eNCA