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Word from @euphonik 😂😂😂😂😂
"Kendall Jenner is here. Not quite sure what she does" OBAMA IS SUCH A SAVAGE
Zambia! Wow!!! Thank you so much for last night!!! Heard we almost had 10 000 people!!! I love you & I will be back!
Newcastle fans singing You'll Never Walk Alone during the minute's applause before kickoff. Class
South Africa, let's make our own Coachella? We have plenty of desert and talent. @RealBlackCoffee please help?
Beyoncé doing the African ululation last night #Adorable #FormationWorldTour #Tampa
Happy Worker’s Day! Thank you for working to make South Africa great. #WorkersDay
When you fail ALL of your finals but your teachers let you graduate anyway
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Just when you thought " What a boring Sunday " then Euphonik walks outta Twitter like
This May Day thinking of millions jobless, tax money theft and Marikana Miners. South Africa mourns on #WorkersDay.
#RememberMarikana on this #WorkersDay ✊🏾
Catch DJ LE SOUL x @Palmtree_za on ETV SUNRISE tomorrow (02 May) morning at 6am.

"Michelle has not aged a day. The only way you can date her in photos is by looking at me." —@POTUS sharing photos:
02 MAY, WE SWITCH IT UP WITH THIS FIRE JAM by @Palmtree_za. The first of many. 
It wont be long now !!! #UNBELIEVABLE by SYDROW x JAYBEE x PDOGG is dropping tomorrow 🏁
Lol "@chatlas: Msunu yenu nonke e makhaya"
When you used to hear American accent inside the womb so you can’t understand what you’re doing in Nigeria
Monday Monday Monday !!!#unbelievable @sydrow_za @jaybee_za @PdoggAMAZING
#UNBELIEVABLE things happening tomorrow in the Palmtree Paradise 🙏

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We didnt get the best result but still a lot to fight for.Thanks to Cantona for visiting us #legend 🔴
Young Nyovest... Thank you Zambia, Livingston was next level buck!
Why do you have your IG handle in your bio if your Instagram account is locked?
Salute to workers contributing in building our nation & working hard to put food on the table #WorkersDay🇿🇦 #MayDay🌎
RT if u can find Drake...
What a spectacular Sunday in #Durban
"Well bore each other if we talk every day" 

What kind of no-personality having ass people are yall dating? 😂
Yall realize all of @Drakes Albums have been suicide notes and hes finally on the ledge about to jump right? 😢😢
Beyonce and Jay-Z made $150 million off cheating rumors 💸
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Just when you thought " What a boring Sunday " then Euphonik walks outta Twitter like
Euphoniks last few tweets.
To all my exes: Please could you all refer to Euphoniks memorandum point 7 . Ngiyabonga. ????????????
I know for sure Bonang was Queen B* before Euphonik. Im tryna remember who Euphonik was before he was Bonangs ex.
bonang ,euphonik & hlanyo has given me life!!! ???????????????? Thanks to Sunday tweeter ✊????????????
Reading Euphoniks tweets
Also, Euphonik said "Msunu yenu yonke" to us.
That last tweet by Euphonik ????
But why is Euphonik swearing at all of us thou? Senzeni thina? ????

RT @KmasterIV: But when Euphonik said "Slikours ex to media queen to now the girl that's f**kin* Aka"

Durban,South Africa

RT @Dj_Bongz: Euphonik is so confident ngathi he owns the Gwaragwara Cap??

Durban, South Africa

RT @TheRealDenzhe: Will AKA open his guns tomorrow, will he slap Euphonik like he did with Cassper. Next on DragonBallTwitter

Durban. South Africa

RT @_KatsoMotaung: Black Twitter fetching their msunus from Euphonik since he said 'msunu yenu nonke '


Euphonik called u msunu....check his TL uzobona ?✊

shandarabhaState, Durban

RT @OddeOMontle: With what Bonang did to Zinhle, wanting to sue her about the affair with AKA, knowing very well it was true,I don't blame Euphonik #hlanyo!


Chris Brown beno-Euphonik bayinto eyodwa ?

Durban, South Africa

RT @Zama_Dlams: Bathi Euphonik says he made @bonang_m but when is he making himself? ???????

Durban, South Africa

RT @Bongani_MV: If you think that your ex is bitter....just remember that things could be worse. He could be Euphonik!!


RT @Mr_HumbleRSA: I won't sleep until Euphonik writes a letter of apology. Just 8 pages.

Durban, South Africa
Word from @euphonik ????????????????????


Euphonik that physically abused Bonang, says Bonang is mentally unstable and calling everyone "msunu"
bonang ,euphonik & hlanyo has given me life!!! ???????????????? Thanks to Sunday tweeter ✊????????????
When AKA left Bonang with his daughter in a car and Bonang saw @euphoniks tweets


bonang ,euphonik & hlanyo has given me life!!! ???????????????? Thanks to Sunday tweeter ✊????????????


Youre a msunu, youre a msunu, EVERYBODY is a msunu !!!!
you get a msunu, you get a msunu, EVERYBODY GETS A MSUUUUNNNUUU!
Also, Euphonik said "Msunu yenu yonke" to us.


At some point Lusanda will admit to Sibusiso that he is gay. #OPW #OurPerfectWedding
@Nasty_CSA nothing has been confirmed yet but syakbongela dawg you deserve it and good luck.










Also, Euphonik said "Msunu yenu yonke" to us.