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Finally it's time to announce I've signed for @Arsenal! Can't wait to play for this great club! ⚽🔴⚪ #GunnerShkodran
I hope to see more of those dance moves @Arsenal soon... 👊💃😅 @MustafiOfficial @mertesacker #GermanGunners
Chris Brown put up a video while the police was outside his house 😂
How me & my daughter going to be 😂 that's why I don't want one😩😭
Vine by Beyoncé - Queen of interrupting interviews
You're spot on @VintageBrady - and here's the man himself! #BienvenidoLucas
East London Stand Up!!!! #TRACEMobile 🙌🏾
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59 days to go!!! If u a friend or a fan, I need u 2 help me with this campaign & RT this 4 me. #FillUpOrlandoStadium
""Bad Hair"" tracklist
Too dope! Jaden and Willow for Interview 🔑
Yall, me choosing to be makeup free doesnt mean Im anti-makeup. Do you! 😘😘
Girls will leave a man for cheating to go date another man thats in a relationship
Upheth Iphalamende In the Purse #Gwanthursday @OptionsDBN 🌴 with @Marazamc
Hello @Arsenal!!! #anewGunnerisintown #BienvenidoLucas ⚽️🔴⚪️🔴
One of my favourite songs rn

Have a listen on these platforms #Unbelievable
Me: singing a song
Mom: If only you knew your schoolwork as well as you know these lyrics #AfricanClapBacks
Jaden & Willow for Interview Magazine ✊🏾
He deserves a Ballon DOr!!!!
Its happening everywhere  #LawsonBrownHighSchool
Me: Mom Im hungry
Mom: Make something to eat
Me: Theres no bread 
Mom: idla mina ke
Purchase your #GoodSundaeSneakerFreaks ticket at your nearest Computicket. You dont want to miss this, trust 👌

01 OCTOBER (Sat)
1pm - 11pm

Tickets are now available at Computicket 🙌
__ me: Ma wheres my lunch money

Mother: Next to my Tupperware you lost back in 08 August 2007 


#Durban #Artists #Creatives #Music #Unbelievable #AbaRight #SouthAfrica
Tonight we host @Maxamillion_ZN, @TysonHeffer, @iamdylanshawn, @hellozondi and more at @TheWinstonPub
Two different things land here...R17000 until 4:30.
Lalela Buddy We aint Buddy Buddy
Angiy Sab’ Ibhari get the Word
I got a Hella mommy with the Curves.
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RT @MthoBiyela: She call me Mtho in the streets and Papi in the sheets.

Durban, South Africa

😂😂😂ave ugula. Wenzani?

Durban, South Africa

RT @SEBEBE28: Don't point out the faults in others, instead look inside your heart, find your own faults and start to better yourself.

Durban, South Africa

RT @EllaBellaBleu: Had this happen with a cop when I filed a police report once 😷

Cape Town | Durban

RT @Melusi_MD: Oh? Explain your ex.

Durban, South Africa


Durban, South Africa

RT @CindyDubee: Ayi nami ngiRight

Durban, South Africa

Lmfao Tebzah Sihlama Sakho!!, 😂😂

Durban, South Africa

Skype :lindokuhle.khawula Email


RT @justinnross: 46664 We Miss you Tata

Durban, South Africa


No one ever RTs your tweets and all of a sudden you have DMs full of numbers?!