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new favorite .gif:
Bouncers attacking UJDFC student and protection services on Campus.. We are not safe in our own campus.
#EagleFreestyleChallenge MOB DEEP 🤘🏾🇿🇦
Joburg, your taste of something new is here! Introducing #UberEATS! 🌮🍔🍕🍰🍒🍟
When you want to attack protesting students but the universe is saying NO. 😂😂😂😂😂
Manje le 30c izophumaphi while I'm still owing Cell C emergency airtime #WitsPoll
At Monday's debate, Trump denied saying a lot of the things he's said. Let's set the record straight.
Watch @bonang_m announcement speech here 👸🏾. #MyIpanema
Spider-Man didn't come to play with the birthday boy, straight swallowing him on the dance floor 🔥
"An astonishing moment from a true footballing genius!" #GoalOfTheDay is a volley for the ages from @WayneRooney… 💥
Video by students at UJ's Bunting campus where a building was on fire
If your vacuum cleaner is dirty and you take it apart to clean it, doesn't that make you the vacuum cleaner?
Saturday is International Coffee Day! Wherever you are, watch our 24hr #GoodMorningWorld live broadcast on Facebook!
R.I.P Engineers Breakfast 2016.
Happy birthday @jksheva7 ... remember when you silenced The Lane? 😉 🔵 ⚪️ #Sheva #Carefree
Guys has anyone seen or found the reset button for the country yet? We desperately need it now. It's getting rough. #Wololo vs #FeesMustfall
#ThatMomentWhen You send your opponent into another town.
Amazing news! @McIlroyRory heading to the #106thSAOpen @GlendowerGC
Always wondered how these scenes were captured.
Middle classes really bought the big men, with big guns/ private security = safer public spaces story.
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Solange Knowles is the queen of visuals 👑
My friend has been missing since Sat night.Last seen in EL.Pls RT.#mabongimadondo
this is the best screensaver cos whenever i get a notification, Kanye holds it up for me
7x 1litre LiquiFruit R99 at Checkers Hyper. Saving of R40
RT to save a life
@bonang_m dear younger sister. ...dont do this. U will be exposed. Never try this on me ever again. Asizontanga
Some of the responses to #WitsPoll that weve seen.
ICYMI: Nigerians doing "Tweet like South Africans" 

This is hilarious 😂 The last one 😂😭
This is still the funniest story on twitter. 😂😂😂😂😂
Untold stories of #ULShutdown
When ATMs have more features than the new iPhone 7. 😂😂😂
People who say lets do lunch sometime but never actually want to have the lunch. #ThingsIhate
Before you just say yes, think plz guys:
As a parent of a #Wits student I reject #HabibsReferendum & stand with students for #FreeEducation NOW #FeesMustFall
Another #Rhodes staff member on the entrenched racism at the university.

Starter Pack!
BREAKING NEWS: #SABC made a net loss of R411 million in 2015/16.
A sweet love story ❤💔
If I cant do this at ur baby shower dont even ask me to be ur childs God Father
Rare image of a shark stepping on a Lego.
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RT @MsCatheee: People who think you won't make it in life without them. #ThingsIHate


RT @RayDat_Rapper: #ThingsIHate people who look down on other people.


RT @Thula_Clements: People who text you using MXit language ie. Hud, Wud etc #ThingsIHate

Johannesburg, South Africa

RT @RayDat_Rapper: #ThingsIHate people who look down on other people.

Johannesburg, South Africa

RT @ChristoThurston: #ThingsIHate when someone is ashamed to speak his/her mother tongue.

Johannesburg, South Africa

"@MsCatheee: Women being told to chin up and keep strong even when their partners cheat. #ThingsIHate"leave babe,he ain't worth it😤

Johannesburg, South Africa

#ThingsIHate . Girls who are fvckBoys

Johannesburg, South Africa

#ThingsIHate . Will forever be eTolls

Johannesburg, South Africa

#ThingsIHate . That 1 time when you're in a hurry using your PC and then it suddenly goes slow like it knows you're late.

Johannesburg, South Africa

#ThingsIHate drunkards who think they are better than smokers. Smokers who think they are better than drug users! same thing to me



Retweet to cast your Man of the Match vote for Zlatan Ibrahimovic. #MUFC






Heres tonights team... #MUFC #UEL
FT: United 1 Zorya 0. Zlatans second-half header settles the game and hands #MUFC three points. #UEL
69 - GOAL!!! United 1 Zorya 0. Zlatan heads home from close range! #MUFC #UEL
1 - Were under way at Old Trafford! #MUFC #UEL
Retweet to cast your Man of the Match vote for Zlatan Ibrahimovic. #MUFC