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RT @plathrop7: @David_Gergen @rulajebreal @CNN @donlemon because we don't condone Israel's criminal behavior and slaughter of Palestinians


RT @palinoia: VIDEO: Football match 1939 #Palestine vs. #Austrailia Years before #Israel was born (1948) forcing Palestinians out

Johannesburg, South Africa

RT @ThisIsGaZa: When will we get it? Palestinians are fighting for their freedom via @972mag

Johannesburg, South Africa

RT @palinoia: #Israel's always on & on about their right to defend themselves. What about the Palestinians who are occupied too? We're not allowed an army

Johannesburg, South Africa


Man holds a lifeless child. Massacre in Rafah today. My heart is aching. ???? #GazaUnderAttack #ICC4Israel
All family gone killed by Israel and these 2 young boys who stayed alive... #GazaUnderAttack #PrayForGaza
YouTube - Riky Rick - NAFUKWA (Official Music Video) R18LP
#NAFUKWA “@Yomza_Da_God: @rikyrickworld on beast mode right now, his killin everythin”
What did this child do to #Israel I wonder if @netanyahu @BarackObama or @MichelleObama can answer. #GazaUnderAttack




RT @Reuters: #Obama says the #CIA "tortured some folks" after 9/11


“@Dbnnytkaybee: "@IamDemor: “@Dbnnytkaybee: @iamdemor grootman”Sho ntwana man!"RT thanks for the great music”Bless!!




RT @Yfm: YOU ARE HEALED! RT @TheReal_Sifiso: @Yfm Sick in bed but im sure this is how im going to feel during #GetUpMusic