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The lady doing sign language was enjoying her job... #SONA2016
In case you missed it... This is what "Zupta Must Fall" looks like in sign language! πŸ™† #SONA2016 #PostSONA
#backyourboijies @NMMU4U @MadibazRadio
In case anyone was wondering what "Zupta must fall" is in sign language #SONA2016
Again the numbers are a problem. Is that because they are hard to read or hard to believe? #SONA2016 #Zuma
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Honorable speaker. Honorable speaker. Honorable speaker...
We see you Baleka. #SONA2016
When EFF said, "Zupta must fall!" Mbeki must have been like inside  #SONA2016
Welcome to the republic of Guptastan formerly known as South Africa! Zupta Must Fall #SONA2016 #ZumaMustFall
When youre just enough
Advocate Thuli Madonsela looks like royalty #SONA2016
#SONA2016 without EFF
#Win w/ the best youth station in the bay #MadibazRadio #AfricaUniteColourFest #Trace_inter #PurariPE @MadibazRadio
#SONA2016 ONE WHOLE HOUR in and...
"Honorable Speaker"
"Honorable Speaker"
"Honorable Speaker"
When Zuma speaks about wasting of state funds   #SONA2016
Parliament in the Ukraine πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
Just won some tickets to africa united Love you MadibazRadio @MadibazRadio @PurariPE
#SONA2016 The EFF is up, loudly chanting #ZuptaMustFall" as they walk out the chambers.
I just learned how to say Zupta Must Fall in sign language! πŸ˜„πŸ‘‹ #SONA2016
Looks like Valentines Day is cancelled..
For more exclusive photos from #GoTSeason6 visit 
The new season premieres on 4.24.16.
This is brilliant βœŠπŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ
Is that Esethu behind Redi? πŸ‘€ β˜•οΈπŸΈ
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RT @papa_action: "Sit down Mr. Zupta" Never have I seen a head of state be disrespected so much, live & direct. But then again, respect is earned. #SONA2016

Port Elizabeth, South Africa

RT @AtholT: We need now, more than a ever, a President who leads by example. Local govts like NMB are floundering! #SONA2016

Port Elizabeth, South Africa

#SONA2016 SA were not provided leadership in terms of steps to be taken to address economic downturn, job creation, investment attraction..

Port Elizabeth, South Africa


Port Elizabeth, South Africa

I'm enjoying conversating with all ages & races today after #SONA2016-We agree it is time to build a nation in which we all stand together


RT @chestermissing: "We have come up with ways to spend public funds wisely" ???? HELP ME, I CANT BREATHE!!! #SONA2016

Port Elizabeth, South Africa

RT @Gawiesnr: It common & economic sense to have #Pretoria as the Capital, #Durban copes very nicely without any Officialdom! #Sona2016 @CapeTalk

Port Elizabeth, South Africa

RT @TimesLIVE: #SONA2016 Fashion - The trendsβ€š who was hot and who confused us

Cape Town | Port Elizabeth

RT @ChangeAgentSA: "@jay__meelah: Nkandla ignored. FeesMustFall ignored. Police brutality towards protesting students & workers ignored. #SONA2016"

Port Elizabeth, South Africa

RT @Lean3JvV: In case you missed it... This is what "Zupta Must Fall" looks like in sign language! ? #SONA2016 #PostSONA

Port Elizabeth, South Africa.










From protest to Parliament: #SONA 2016s chaos & walkouts. Watch our highlights video here: