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Celebrating 140 years of Aston Villa
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This guy stole my little sisters iPad. He accidentally took a picture which saved to her iCloud. Please RT.
Some incredibly talented #Zimbabwe artists featured at the Atlanta international airport. What a welcome surprise!
So this is the Cameroonian president? Attending a concert in France, I hear.
Above the massive Victoria Falls in #Zimbabwe.
aye @JColeNC you lowkey tried to smash but wasnt expecting her kids to be up 😂
Kanye a real nigga 😩
When youre down to nothing - God is UP TO SOMETHING! Its all happening tonight at TLC OTTAWA. Beat me there!!
*opens twitter*
Happy #colourrunners!!! #nodoubtboutthat!! see you at the @ManiacBeazy263 #ZimColourRun
Facism doesnt arrive in fancy dress -
Africas favorite star shining bright #TIA #BBHotshots #TwitterMirror
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