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A short documentary by fellow journalists & activists on the abduction of Zimbabwean Activist #ItaiDzamara by suspected state security agents while he was at his local barbershop.
“@Covuitton: What in the blue hell is this”😭😭
"@chrisrock: Thank you president Obama"👏👏👏
12th man of the Team of #cwc15 is Brendan Taylor who was the 4th highest run scorer (433 runs)
Marshy from Walsall gives us his Back To Basics
@MarshyOfficial @JDZmedia
Instrumental - Footsie - Hit It
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Martin Freeman explains how this election is a choice between two completely different sets of values. Labour believes in community, compassion and fairness. That’s why we will build an economy that works for everyone. The Tories have cut taxes for millionaires and only work for people at the top. A Labour government led by Ed Miliband will protect the NHS, create opportunities for young people, raise the minimum wage and ban exploitative zero-hours contracts.

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Congrats to @ruvhipari on her award!  Top 20 Outstanding Women in Zimbabwe : Broadcast Media & Radio!
My MCM @diamondboyzim  Well mannered. .absolute gentleman😊
“The Mercedes-Benz pickup will contribute nicely to our global growth targets:"
“@MachineGunTKay: Zimbabwes Busiest Airport.....”
Ready to Rumble by the DGS Dancers
“@cnnbrk: The Daily Show names a new host: Trevor Noah” whoa noah huge! @Trevornoah
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“@MailOnline: Five-year-old girl recognises her missing dog in meat stall in Vietnam”

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The new host of The Daily Show will be South African comedian @Trevornoah.




Thank you president Obama