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Watch 👉RT @Webster_IM: If this wasnt the norm no Police cars & ZBC cars would burn @Wamagaisa @ali_naka @maDube_
#Zimbabwe #ThisFlag UN warns Zimbabwean Government
Heart eyes
Mum bragging to the whole village: My daughter just bought a car. Next thing ⚡⚡⚡ #1000AfricanWaysToDie
90+2' - GOAL! @MarcusRashford! #HULMUN #MUFC
Love me some delta's man 😍😍RT @_Brooklynmade: Nah she just cracked meeeee 🙌🏽🙌🏽🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 💀💀💀💀
How did she say this with a straight face 😭
Brutality! #Zimbabwe police beating up innocent citizens at main court in Harare. #NERAdemo #ThisFlag @kubatana
Vine by Studio Danielle - Quand ta grand-mère éteint Nostalgie pour mettre Skyrock #TeamJul #frenchvine #StudioDanielle
When the game is more than just a game. Here's to you, Michael Lorenzen @Lorenzen55
@Wamagaisa @TrevorNcube @advocatemahere brave guy in gwanda ..unconfirmed reports are he got locked up
DON'T miss a classic tonight! New Simba Savannah (7pm • ZBC) w/ @teamFrontrow & @eMKambo @nigelchanakira #SimbaSav
So my siblings decide to do street fight in the house 😪
At Nzvimbo in Mazowe Central Cde Tabetha Kanengoni-Malinga's constituency with NPC, Zhuwao, Chipanga, Tongai!
A year ago today my life could've been taken.I could've bleed out of my head .BUT I'm here today 😁THANK YOU JESUS🙌🏾
The video of (Kukhanyakwenkosi Mnkandla) arrested for one man protest in Gwanda 👇 @zenzele @ZLHRLawyers @abammeli
The dogs of war are at it in downtown Harare #NERAdemo
Dear #TICAD6 leaders and participants . Look at zim police brutality . Stepping on a man's private parts #ThisFlag
Zvicha naka chete! Benjamin playing his part. @MadeInZWE 31• 8 • 16 @ThisFlag1980 #ThisFlag 🇿🇼
Vine by Enes - #rashford 90+1 😏#manchesterunited
Best man of Zimbabwean protest Sten Zvorwadza always protesting in peace despite police brutality. #Thisflag
Vine by Manchester United - Yes lads! #HULMUN #MUFC
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The fence being erected around Harare Magistrate Court complex in Harare. To keep people out 
Thrilled that @ZLHRLawyers Lizwe Jamela secured release of Khukhanya kweNkosi Mkhandla in Gwanda today @zenzele
Held talks with Zimbabwes President H.E. Robert Mugabe on the sidelines of #TICADVI.
Happening now: Zanu pf Youth & Womens League gathering in #Harare No police in sight #Doublestandards
3 points! Fans were great 🔴
Fire burning in Zimbabwe creating AFRICA map - I believe something good is coming
The Zanu pf  supporters are now marching along Jason Moyo Ave. No police presence whatsoever #Zimbabwe
And the regime is busing Thugs into Town - No Police Permission! Zimbabwe is a #bananarepublic
This happened to my friends brother onFriday. Shes been crying all weekend😢.Its time for changeZimbabwe #ThisFlag
From next week #IWearBlackThisFriday
 #ThisFlag 🇿🇼 Will Mugabes goons assault us 4 dressing in black. #Mourning 
Promise Mkwananzi & 64 other activists remain detained until Monday. Aluta continua! #Tajamuka #ThisFlag #OurPromise
ZANU(PF) today will carry out a clean up campaign in the COH . Lets keep Harare clean .
@ZLHRLawyers @LizweJamela has secured release of Kukhanyakwenkosi Mkandla of Gwanda arrested for anti-Mugabe demo
The only thing that is constant is change @graduatezm @rabisonshumba @SirNige @Innov8Bookshop @RebZMano @ITCnews
@P_VanDamme_EU @AmnestyOnline @usembassyharare @UKinZimbabwe @UKenyatta
Zimbabwe NA soldiers looting a shop in Harare!!
@ProfJNMoyo @BrezhMalaba @VTKAHIYA @elias_mambo @mayor_justice
UN calls Zimbabwe government to respect the right to peaceful protest (Video) -
This iconic image will characterize Mugabe and his  regime long after hes gone. What a legacy!
Yes! 😄 This team never gives up! 💪🏾 Great job guys! Very proud of you. | Bon travail les gars ! Fier de vous. 🙏🏾
Forget all the nonsense from @mmawere His gymnastics are better understood if you look at this picture. Carefully👇🏿
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Wouldn't have thought @RealJamesWoods would know little old Zimbabwe... 😮😀

Harare, Zimbabwe

RT @matigary: Zimbabwe NA soldiers looting a shop in Harare!! @ProfJNMoyo @BrezhMalaba @VTKAHIYA @elias_mambo @mayor_justice

Harare, Zimbabwe

RT @BelieveCitizen: Of late, there seems to be a sharp rise in Comical Ali's in Zimbabwe. What gives?

Harare, Zimbabwe

A Policeman trying to fine a Taxi driver In Zimbabwe #1000AfricanWaysToDie

Harare, Zimbabwe

RT @ali_naka: And the regime is busing Thugs into Town - No Police Permission! Zimbabwe is a #bananarepublic

Abu Dhabi | Harare

Zimbabwe govt destroying the economy :: Harare24 News via @sharethis

Harare Zimbabwe

It is time to pray Maghrib 6:25 at Harare in Zimbabwe


RT @zimleague: #harare #263Chat Mugabe panics as soldiers rampage - The Zimbabwe Standard: The Zimbabwe... #Zimbabwe #thisflag


RT @HlongwaneNqoe: #ThisFlag #Tajamuka are these the people who must take care of the country. Zimbabwe National Army doing Looting


RT @zimleague: #harare #263Chat Makandiwa speaks on protests - The Zimbabwe Standard: The Zimbabwe Stan... #Zimbabwe #thisflag



When others destroy, we build. When they litter, we clean up. Thats the ZANU PF way. Thanks a lot @Hon_Kasukuwere!