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Anesthesia transformed this kid into Delonte West (via Youtube/Amanda Lally)
#Zimbabweans need to act on the leadership crisis says Mafume @ZimPdp
Watch&learn abt @UNFPA support2 #Midwives @cheikh @SwedeninZW @UKinZimbabwe @CanEmbZimbabwe @IrlEmbPretoria @euinzim
7/10 of Zimbabweans are living in abject poverty says @GutuObert #263chat
Mufume says War veterans have an obligation to remove #Mugabe from power #263chat @ZimPdp @ZimPeopleFirst_
Bearer's cheques by any other name (#BondNotes) are still bearer's cheques!
Vine by LFC Fans Corner - FIRMINO
"I Think I'd Lie For You I Think I Die For You Jodeci Cry For You Do Things When You Want Me To Controlla"
Idk what's going on here but it's lit Check out highlights of our #comicbookday #zim #comicbooks #3Dprinting #art #animation
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When #RBZ says #BondNotes this what comes to mind.
When your favorite Singapore private hospital refuses to accept bond notes...
When you get bae allowance as Bond Notes
#BondNotes have been useful to us street economists - Learnt Greshams Law & will be throwing it about at the pub!😅
Barclays advert in todays #Chronicle on the same day RBZ announces bond notes
Playing my role in protesting against corruption, injustice and poverty in Zimbabwe #ThisFlag #MyFlag #Harare
Happy #CincoDeMayo! The best taco bowls are made in Trump Tower Grill. I love Hispanics!
Deadass spent 2 hours doing project on Youth in Asia then find out its supposed to be on Euthanasia. Summer wya 😭
The Bond Note Scenario, please help! #twimbos #BondNotes #zimbabwe #ZimDollar @263Chat @TheSourceZW
When a generation cries "enough is enough" (photo Cred Michael Zemura, Model Nyasha Chingora)
Africa needs Internet that is FAST – Fast, Affordable, Safe, Transparent. 
RT if you agree! #FASTAfrica
The fighting spirit of my generation 4 #ThisFlag. Michael Zemura &team shot this 2day. Photography challenge is on
Zim Youths for #SDGs @thespacezw @UNZimbabwe #Youths4SDGs. Inspiring young champions to advance SDG advocacy in Zim.
Is this how #BondNotes are made, maybe? No wasting REAL money on fancy paper or fancy features. 😐
You stay in Mutare? Beware of Emmanuel Murepa!
in2 day 5 driven by our forefathers values; a Zim free of corruption, injustice & poverty. take #ThisFlag everywhere
Zimbabwes economic difficulties deepen
Your Papa Prophet, when you dare put bond notes in the offering basket...
Just another beautiful day in #Zimbabwe, while trying to forget the #CashCrisis & #BondNotes #VisitZimbabwe
This is a scary headline #ZimDollar #BondNotes #StreetNews
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I am patiently waiting for the headlines that say, "prophet so and so predicted the coming of bond notes"


@curatebyo Bond coin bond notes Bond health. Bond family. Bond food. Bond clothes. In Zimbabwe every thing kuyabhondwa siyacina siyizibhonda

Zimbabwe Bulawayo

@bayhaus Point is you don't like the idea of bond notes, use plastic money.



Harare, Zimbabwe

@ProfJNMoyo but to those who do bulk imports, will access cash easily? We know bond is for local only

Mashonaland Central, Zimbabwe

Bond coins are just Zim dollars that went to a private school #savage


RT @DavidColtart: Barclays advert in today's #Chronicle on the same day RBZ announces bond notes


RT @MgciniNyoni: Just like bond coins, #Zim citizens will at first resist #BondNotes for no reason at all, but later realise it's a useful intervention.


@atmuchy Purchasers will be using the bond notes. What's going to happen to the retailers that import?? They'll be selling in bond currency

United Kingdom/Zimbabwe

I'm happy that oans have been brushing up on their Ecos to try and understand the full impact of these bond notes. ✔️