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Which Zim embassy is this? Shame on us. #twimbos
When you cant remember all their names...
They may as well forget about it.
What would you do
Who else ignores this??? High volumes for big choons🎤🎤🎤🎤🎧
Here are the only bugs Ill eat: Ishwa. African delicacy. High in Protein! And very tasty!Anyone wanna try some?! 😉
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Happy Unity Day Twimbos!!!

Harare Zimbabwe

THE TRUE UNITY IS #TWIMBOZGIVINGHOPE PIPO WHO UNITED ON ONE PLACE #BIGUP @AmBlujay @iamCentauri @AmKushBae @shingimangoma @stavhoo


Good morning People! Today itz Unity Day for Zimbos United we Stand !Divided we Fall!


RT @Marcques_: Good morning. I hear today is unity day. Cross my path and I'll unite my fist with your face. ?

Harare Zimbabwe

RT @Telecel_Zim: We are only as strong as we are united. Telecel joins the rest of Zimbabwe in commemorating unity day. #Twimbos

Harare, Zimbabwe

Anyway, good morning and happy holidays. Let me teach my brother how to iron clothes. Lets preach unity! *singing*

Harare, Zimbabwe

RT @MikeTashaya: Unity Day today. Is this day still as relevant to us as it's meant to be?


I love the Ndebele, happy Unity Day maZimbo "yangu"


Let's preach unity, the gospel of peace... ?


For As Long As You're Still Mad At Your Uncle For Taking The Last Chicken Piece Last Christmas, You Can't Partake In Unity Day Celebrations.