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RT @joeblackzw: Dolus Eventualis Dissapointus ... #OscarPistorius #Oscar #OscarTrial


This #OscarTrial has helped us pic up some law jargon

Harare, Zimbabwe

RT @TTSephuma: I'm not a lawyer, however, I feel like killing a rhino is more punishable than killing a human being #OscarTrial ! @eNCAnews @Radio702


#OscarTrial 5 years? Chete? So glad I didn't do it. They wud have lynched me.


RT @Barry_Roux: Me and my team we are enjoying the joke... The joke probably being Gerrie Nel. #OscarTrial #BarryRoux

Cape Town-Khayelitsha-Harare

RT @thomaswmucha: And the Oscar goes to jail. Here’s @GlobalPost’s @ejcs in Joburg. #OscarPistorius #OscarTrial

Harare, Zimbabwe

RT @Barry_Roux: Just to clear the air I won't be signing for Manchester United's defence in Jan. Thank you all. #oscartrial #BarryRoux @nealcol


South Africa has the highest incidence of domestic violence in the world - @socialzim reflects on #OscarTrial -

Harare, Zimbabwe

RT @duttyrati: Lmao RT"@SeanDimix_: RT “@joeblackzw: Dolus Eventualis Dissapointus ... #OscarPistorius #Oscar #OscarTrial”"


I like that he got the maximum sentence,no suspension #Oscartrial



RT @BBCBreaking: "A non-custodial sentence would send wrong message to the community" - Judge Masipa jails #OscarPistorius for 5 years
Me lady, Judge Masipa looking quite dapper in her new hair-do #OscarSentence
Truth @263Chat @CurateZim @Twimbos @herzimbabwe @deltandou @RebZMano
RT @Thxndi_: lmao RT @Privy_Official: Lmao!!RT"@TheGreat_Natsby: “@CurateZim: Lemme tweet courts from the Oscar Trial.”"
Truth @263Chat @CurateZim @Twimbos @herzimbabwe @deltandou @RebZMano


RT @kenniekays: Oscar kills Reeva gets 5 years, someone kills a Rhino and gets 20 years. Where is this world coming to??