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Risk free 7 day trial

Who's Using Trendsmap Plus?

These are just a few of the wide variety of organisations that are taking advantage Trendsmap Plus in their business: : "Trendsmap has been very helpful in getting a quick view of trending conversation specific to location, especially within the context of localized brand initiatives monitored as part of iCitizen Live, Resource’s social listening center."
Spin 103.8 Dublin : "Speed is everything when it comes to being a breaking entertainment news station, and Trendsmap Plus ensures we are ahead of the rest giving us the latest trending videos and stories. It’s a faster service than other products on the market and more up to date than the regular site and well worth the investment."
Al Jazeera - The Stream : "Love your product and the ease with which you all have worked with us"
"Using it to monitor the #EnergyRevolution"
Austin Texas Breaking News, Weather, Traffic and Sports